Condition IX
Condition IX, 2023
Installation in public space
Commissioned work for the group show Publiek Park 2023 at Harmoniepark, Albertpark & Provincietuin, Antwerpen
Supported by:
The Government of Flanders, Embassy of the Netherlands, the City of Antwerp, the District of Antwerp, the Province of Antwerp, Kurma, Kiosk, Pici, Standard Pizza, Fietsen de Geus, AORTA, Duvel Moortgat and the Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol
Getting Better, 2023
OSB, tube lights
Installation at the Lichtekooi Artspace
Supported by the Flemish Government and the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria
Human Cage #3 Human Cage #3, 2022
Object serie of cages
Iron, wheels
In the solo show Schlösser in the art space Stiege 13 , visitors were invited to interact with the human cage
Dodecahedron Cage Dodecahedron Cage, 2021
Object serie of cages
Iron, plastic, glass, water
The Submarine, 2021
OSB sheets, kitchen sinks, cooking and eating utensils, lighting, electronics
Commissioned Installation for the show Chambre Double at Les Tanneries, Amilly (FR)
Man Cage carthusian monastery
Man Cage, 2021
Object serie of cages
Metal, plastic
Nicolas Cage carthusian monastery Nicolas Cage, 2021
Object serie of cages
Wood, metal
Group show implant(at)karthaus in Karthaus (Schnals, IT) in an old carthusian monastery
Photo: © Daniela Brugger
Man Cage carthusian monastery Torsdag, 2019
Gypsum-based acrylic resin, metal, needles, resistance wire, cable, plugs
Travelling group show Light My Fire at Künstlerforum Bonn (DE), Pferd, Vienna (AT) and OpenSpace.Innsbruck (AT)
untitled garden sculpture Petőmihályfa Untitled, 2020
Garden sculpture
Shape of a rolled up human, sculpted out of a concrete block during a residency in Hungary , organised by Galerie Krinzinger
body studies for the sculpture Body studies for the sculpture #1;#4, 2020
Something Steers us Both, 2019
Mdf sheets, closets, lighting
Commissioned Installation for the group show open skies at Wiels, Brussels (BE)
Model for the architectural addition Ascension for the bivouac Günther Messner Model for The Architectural Addition "Ascension" for The Bivouac "Günther Messner", 2019
Group show Bivacco in San Servolo, Venice (IT)
Bangor Airport, 2018
Sound systems, Mdf sheets, electronics
Group show Show me tomorrow, we will go there at the HISK, Ghent (BE)
Solve et Coagula, 2018
One-week residency resulting in an exhibition containing four works created on side, with found material.
Wood, resistance wire, disposable overall, ventilation and water pumps from humidifiers, plastic bags, fluorescent light, buckets, nylon tubes, water
Artist in Residence at Burgfestspiele Ulm - Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein in the Wilhelmsburg Ulm, (DE)
Hørte no title, 2018
One-week residency resulting in an exhibition on side, with materials from the locals.
Wood, trampolines
Artist in Residence at Hørte Annualen in Bø, Telemark (NO)
Option 378 / Option 378 Option 378, 2018
Plywood, iron, wheels, bed, office chair, textile, plant, laptop, pens, papers
Group show unraveling slowness in the Zwarte zaal at KASK in Ghent (BE)
Companion, 2018
Electronic car side mirror, light emitting diode, electronics
Group show SOFT ELEMENTS OF SOME VIOLENT TENDENCIES in Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerpen (BE)
Cage #2 Cage #2, 2020
Object serie of cages
Iron, plastic
Our Family Lost, 2017
Drywall, wood, lighting, solenoids, electronics
Commissioned installation for the 15th Istanbul Biennial, a good neighbour
just an empty shell of a human being
Mirror, 2017
Plywood, wood, clothes, shoes, ventilator
Fogo Island Arts residency resulting in the exhibition Mirror
Psychogramm, 2015
Wood, Lego, resistance wire, water, water pump, plastic, sound system, electronics,
Installation in an old apartment in Traube - Janesc, Urtijëi (IT)
Soliloquy, 2015
Interactive installation (thanks for pushing, Matze!)
Wood, iron
Group exhibition Import Export at the wasteland of the north station area in Vienna (AT)
The Inner Human, 2015
Closet, electronics
Group exhibition Destination Wien at the Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (AT)
The Fog Disperses, 2014
Camping equipment, tend, car, sound systems, electronics
Kunsthalle Wien Prize exhibition The Fog Disperses, Vienna (AT)
The Creator Has a Master Plan, 2014
Blackboard, sound system, electronics
Diploma exhibition at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT)
Cage #1 Cage #1, 2019
Object serie of cages
iron, plastic
Rat Race early Labyrinth
Rat Race, 2008
First Version
Photo: © Anna Mairhofer
Rat Race early Labyrinth
Second Version, 2010
Cardboard, adhesive tape
Group show Der alte Mann und das Meer, Erwin Wurm and his Students in the Stadtmuseum St. Pölten (AT)